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What is love? what is success? How will we know when we have it? And after we’ve had it, when we are used to it, what will we do with ourselves? Or beauty? When youth fades, will we still see beauty in our image? Life is a very strange thing. Judging what’s important is never ending and always changing.

Have you ever had that feeling when life brings you so many wonderful and interesting changes and you get swooped up into it? Then it’s almost as if you fly to high. You look down and it’s overwhelming. You almost can’t maintain the height. You dip. You flail. You wonder what you’re doing flying in the first place. And then the thought, but this is success. This constant, focused flight and you wonder how long. And you wonder why you feel that way since this is what you’ve always wanted.

I think too much.

I know I should go to sleep but it’s so beautiful out. I can’t tear myself from the porch. The sound is rain that’s gathered on leaves slowly sliding off, the hum of crickets (what do you think they talk about?), a swish of a car, and the smell is ether, the opened green pores of all the growing things.The feel is humid, warm, slippery, rain in New Orleans when it is finished releases heat. Tonight feels like a bath. I can feel it’s humidity when I breathe in. A bloom of steam in my lungs. And there, a train bellows once…. twice… again. I think of trains and time together. So many pass. When I was a girl in Pennsylvania we walked the train tracks. Much of my memories involve those walks. Solitary figures following the rails like tight rope walkers and even then it felt they went nowhere, they came from nowhere. It was just us walking the rails in the sun, seeing how well we could balance ourselves. Ah, there is a breeze. Funny how sitting on your porch can be so many things.



l'amour est mort encore la vie amoureuse

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What in fucks name is this flying water

bubble, we meet again

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nonsense are you and I. our parents, our teachers told us so. the stars stare down and recognize their own. may we kiss our way into the ether. may we forget all the mundane. they say romance is lost. I see a shooting star, lets kiss.

Quiet inside this hush thinking about you. No one has ever loved me less. I left knowing you would not notice. I am nothing. As much, as little, as less as the smallest everything as the tiniest mountain as the quietest waterfall.

my baby. the sun rises the sun sets and I want I want I want.

All around us there is magic. The lush night. The hot closeness, the electric illusion of you and I through this roughness, this tough reality. We have a smooth kiss. We have a wet twilight in this place where the sun and moon meet. I will think of you just like this. Your thighs, your mouth, the bright blue of your kiss, eyes closed.

the best thing about poetry is that it is unapologetic. it’s just a weird little art that exists and in it’s very nature is odd and yet so utterly natural. language in its essence like the sound from a stream, or the cacophony from a sidewalk, the utter serenity of a roof top. that sound you hear in your mind seeing a star drop. we who know speak of it only amongst ourselves and feel the universe respond.

togetherness with the absence of of you and I before we were what we are now makes me empty beside you. makes me question me in my molten skin and feel a strange new creature beside another and yet trying to fit into old clothes. perhaps if we hold this pose long enough it will be just as it was.

the summer is at it’s end. the flowers are off the bush.

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" The less people know, the more stubbornly they know it. "

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the one thing about moving is after the giddy whirl of it, the Dorothy moment of being on a dizzying tornado that lands you in Technicolor, the expected goodbyes that always feel so sudden, is that there you are staring at the vast wide possibilities, and you are strangely the same. how to use your old tools on new machinery?

how are you? your blog is lovely. do you have any recommendations for spells/charms/herbs/stones that could help feeling like youve lost your personality to the influences of others? feeling like you 'aren't yourself' anymore. i know how i should be, want to be, and used to be but due to my surroundings i am unable to reach that again and its made me very unhappy in my daily life and interactions. i just want to feel like myself again. thank you for listening. please take care.

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I’m good, thanks. Here’s a spell for you sweet anon. Let me know how it works for you, I love to hear back about my spells :)

Be True to Yourself Spell:

Okay, so this one is going to be a body scrub, because 1.) I love them, and 2.) I strongly connect to the imagery of scrubbing off other influences to be true to yourself for this spell, kind of like scrubbing off a bunch of metaphysical dirt as well as real dirt. :)

It’s super easy to make and can be done with things from your kitchen.

Start with ~1 cup of salt. Go for sea salt if you’ve got it. I like to take rock salt and throw it in my food processor until it’s fine, but not as fine as morton’s salt from the canister. The bigger the pieces, the more it’ll be “scratchy”, the finner they are the more like “polishing” it’ll be. I like the feel of it being a little bit scratchy, but find what you like.

Add a couple tablespoons of lemon juice (ground or shredded ginger works if you’re allergic to lemons, up the oil by two tablespoons if you use ginger instead of lemon)

A handful of crushed mint (fresh chopped or dry ground works)

~1/4 cup oil. I recommend coconut oil because of it’s purification and nurturing properties, but if you have a nut allergy then olive will work fine.

Blend the ingredients together. Salt is for cleansing away the negative influences and energies. Lemon is for purification, so again, getting rid of those outside nasty bits. It also is significant in love, but we’re focusing on self love, and loving who you are. Mint is for healing, to fix any damage from having been untrue to your self, and it’s also good for getting rid of negative energies. We’re really focusing on getting rid of the negativity that comes from all that, and some self-healing and self-love.

Use the scrub at least once a week, up to once a day. When you’re using the scrub, focus on who you are, all the things that make you, you. Think about what you love about yourself. When you rinse the scrub off try to visualize letting go of all the things keep you from being who you are and who you want to be. Imagine them just sliding right off you. Those things can’t effect you, they can’t get into who you are, they’re just things on the surface of your life, and they can come off.

You can store it on your bathroom counter in a jar. Salt can be a little drying on the skin if used too often. If you find that to be the case, either use it less frequently, or be sure to use lotion afterwards.

SELF LOVE it’s okay. scrub yourself, hug yourself, love yourself, be kind to the vessel of your soul.

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Jonathan Guyer on Egypt’s political cartoonists:

“In Cairo, art has come to be regarded as such a dangerous weapon that, last week, a prominent artist was falsely accused of being a terrorist. The artist, Ganzeer, is one of the few agitators to have rendered Sisi, publishing an inflammatory portrait online.”

Ganzeer, “Who’s Afraid of Art?,” May 15, 2014

i aint skeeerd


let joy like so many poppies rise around you so that you may dream the life you want to live

happy, smiling to myself while i walk down the sidewalk, thinkin mebbe i look like a mental patient but me and the universe knows this smile is hard won and worth grinnin